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Here we highlight some of the top products and innovations in the biobanking field. Promote Your Product

Biobanking LIMS Softwares

10 Top Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS Softwares) for Biobanking

Biobanks are of growing importance to many organizations in biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry and medical research due to the increased awareness of their power to answer pertinent research questions. The higher the quality of the biobank the more accurate or...
Ultra-Low Temperature Storage of Tissues and Blood Specimens

Ultra-Low Temperature Storage of Tissues and Blood Specimens

Every year, millions of biospecimens, including human tissues and blood, are preserved around the world for disease diagnosis and research. Biological samples can be maintained for extended periods of time for future use or to allow transportation to different...

The Solution to Labeling Frozen Vials – CryoSTUCK®

The Challenge of Labeling Frozen Vials Bio-pharma research labs, cell banks, biorepositories, and other laboratories involved in the biopreservation and biobanking of samples face the difficult challenge of labeling already frozen vials for storage in liquid nitrogen and ultra-low temperature...

Importance of LIMS for Biobanks

Any entity that stores biological samples can be called a Biobank. However, the term ‘Biobank’ is most commonly used for entities that store biological specimens on a large scaleto provide them as a service for internal or external entities...

Reasons for Choosing a SaaS LIMS for a Biobank

SaaS as a delivery model for informatics has transformed many industries including CRM, accounting, and enterprise systems. This is because of the numerous advantages it brings to small operations such as low capital expenditure, no IT staff requirement, automatic...

3 Top Cloud-Based LIMS for Biobanks

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are the author's own and do not reflect the views of A biobank is an entity that stores high-quality biospecimens along with their clinical data such as demographic information, personal...

LIMS Evaluation Guide – 10 Pointers Ahead

The primary objective of a biobank is to provide efficient management of samples and their associated data and thus saving valuable time and effort of researchers. Samples without accurate and reliable data may yield insignificant outcomes and therefore, not...
Ultra-low Temperature Freezers Have Become Important for Today’s Cell and Gene Therapies

Ultra-low Temperature Freezers Have Become Important for Today’s Cell and Gene Therapies

Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers (ULTs) can make an important contribution in the field of cell and gene therapies. For a long time, complex cryopreservation with liquid nitrogen was the standard for freezing all therapeutic substances. However, studies show that some...

Introducing Agilent SLIMS for Information Management

An introduction to Agilent SLIMS, a simple laboratory information management system designed to help your laboratory run more efficiently. Learn more at:

Disease-Specific Biobanks: How Can a LIMS Help in Data Management?

Biobanks have a fundamental role to play in ensuring successful outcomes in clinical research by providing quality biosamples. They host donations of biological materials such as cells, DNA, and tissues . They also handle data that is related to...

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