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LabTAG, a division of GA International, is a manufacturer of specialty labels and a provider of label printing equipment and services. For over 20 years we have been serving the life science industries, supplying laboratory identification solutions to biomedical research labs, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, hospitals, and other healthcare institutions. With an intense focus on R&D and customer service, we are committed to providing high-quality products and services, developed for specific applications, available worldwide and on time. Our team of experienced scientists understands the lab technologies and identification requirements needed in the industry, therefore providing an excellent, personalized service.

White Paper: Labeling Best Practices for Biobanks

About This White Paper This white paper is intended for anyone working in or managing a biobank or biorepository seeking a reliable way of identifying and tracking biological specimens. Samples collected, processed, and stored by biobanks typically require long-term cryogenic...

Webinar: Breakthrough Labeling Technologies for Biobanks

About This Webinar We were honored to present this webinar at the 2020 European Biobanking Week (EBW) conference. It covers the basics of cryogenic identification requirements for biobanks and biorepositories. It also highlights the current selection of cryo label solutions...

The Cryogenic Label Guide – Everything You Need to Know About Cryogenic Labels

About This Guide This guide is for anyone working in a biobank or laboratory seeking a comprehensive and reliable way of identifying and tracking biological samples destined for long-term cryogenic storage in liquid nitrogen or ultra-low temperature freezers. The guide should...

The Solution to Labeling Frozen Vials – CryoSTUCK®

The Challenge of Labeling Frozen Vials Bio-pharma research labs, cell banks, biorepositories, and other laboratories involved in the biopreservation and biobanking of samples face the difficult challenge of labeling already frozen vials for storage in liquid nitrogen and ultra-low temperature...

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