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The Challenge of Labeling Frozen Vials

Bio-pharma research labs, cell banks, biorepositories, and other laboratories involved in the biopreservation and biobanking of samples face the difficult challenge of labeling already frozen vials for storage in liquid nitrogen and ultra-low temperature freezers. This is primarily because these vials contain valuable biological samples that cannot be thawed due to their content’s temperature sensitivity. This requires re-labeling the containers below -70°C so as not to compromise the viability of the frozen cells.

The Solution to Labeling Frozen Vials

To address this challenge, LabTAG has developed its CryoSTUCK® line of products. These cryogenic labels and tapes, available for thermal-transfer and laser printers, will adhere to frozen vials and other containers (as low as -80°C). They will also withstand subsequent long-term storage in liquid nitrogen tanks (-196°C) or -80°C freezers. CryoSTUCK tapes are also offered in various colors and transparent formats for color coding and quick identification.

Over-labeling Legacy Vials

LabTAG also offers solutions for re-labeling legacy vials that may already have a label but with obsolete or outdated information. Blackout CryoSTUCK labels have a unique opaque design that will completely obscure the existing label, ideal for re-labeling frozen vials when removal of the existing label is not possible.

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Laminating Existing Labels

Clear CryoSTUCK labels allow vials and tubes to be over-labeled without obscuring the underlying label. This permits existing labels to be laminated, providing an extra layer of protection, helping to safeguard your printed information from chemicals, abrasion, and extreme temperatures.

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