The Solution to Labeling Frozen Vials – CryoSTUCK®

The Challenge of Labeling Frozen Vials Bio-pharma research labs, cell banks, biorepositories, and other laboratories involved in the biopreservation and biobanking of samples face the difficult challenge of labeling already frozen vials for storage in liquid nitrogen and ultra-low temperature...

Introducing Agilent SLIMS for Information Management

An introduction to Agilent SLIMS, a simple laboratory information management system designed to help your laboratory run more efficiently. Learn more at:

arktic XC by SPT Labtech: biobanking reimagined

Creating a network of compact arktic storage units for high integrity, affordable and truly scalable biostorage, meeting your needs for today and tomorrow. Learn More

Scanning & Decoding Tube Racks Direct from Low Temperature Storage

Ziath has posted a new video that provides an easy-to-follow guide to assist scientists and technicians scanning and decoding sample tube racks direct from low temperature storage, especially when withdrawn from vapour phase liquid nitrogen tanks. The remove ice, blotting...

Video: Professionalism and Career Prospects in Biobanking (Online Forum)

Watch the recording for session one of the free online biobanking forum "Biobanking – The Business Matrix" held last month, co-hosted by The session topic is Professionalism and Career Prospects in Biobanking. Having dedicated professional staff with the right...

Cherry Picking 2D Barcoded Sample Tubes

Ziath has posted a new video that shows how its Mohawk semi-automated tube selector is a productive and versatile tool for cherry picking tubes from multiple racks. In the new video - product manager Avash Anderson demonstrates how the Mohawk provides...

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