CloudLIMS Releases Document Management Module Easing Compliance With ISO/IEC 17025:2017

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CloudLIMS, a leading laboratory data management informatics provider, has announced the release of the Document Management Module for its Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), CloudLIMS. The Document Module is for food and beverage, cannabis, water, and soil testing laboratories, enabling them to meet ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation requirements. The module helps laboratories manage, and track documented processes, such as Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), compliant with ISO 17025, and provide access to these documents to laboratory personnel.

Established in 2013, headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, USA, CloudLIMS is an energetic team of professionals producing cutting edge laboratory software solutions, such as sample management software and LIMS.

ISO/IEC 17025:2017 is the International Organization for Standardization’s accreditation of testing and calibration laboratories to assure quality. It requires laboratories to support internal and external documents, and make them available to designated personnel. Additionally, the standard enables the laboratory to exercise version control over all documents, in order to avoid using invalid or obsolete documents.

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With CloudLIMS’ document module, a laboratory can track, store, and share all documents from a central location. Version control of documents provides a full audit trail enabling the laboratories to manage and track the history of revised documents for internal and external auditing and reporting.

Key benefits of the document module include:

  • Manage and track documents in any format (PDF, MS Word, images)
  • Version control for full audit trail and historical record for traceability
  • Track version history of revised documents for internal and external auditing and reporting
  • Associate documents with tests for technicians to refer the standard test processes while conducting tests

“To ensure that testing laboratories maintain a quality management system that provides a framework for laboratory operations, such as assessing data integrity, managing all test methods, and documents pertaining to quality assurance, the LIMS’s document module is critical.” … “Through its Document module, CloudLIMS provides laboratories an efficient tool to manage and control quality management documents – regulations, normative reference documents, drawings, specifications, instructions, SOPs, manuals, etc.” – Arun Apte, Chief Executive Officer at CloudLIMS