RENACER: World’s First Biobank of Brain Metastasis Living Samples

RENACER: World's First Biobank of Brain Metastasis Living Samples
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Researchers at the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO) have developed RENACER, the world’s first biorepository of brain metastases live samples. Comprising samples from 18 Spanish hospitals, RENACER allows the study of cancer cells responses to drugs in live samples, opening avenues for personalized therapies. Created by two researchers from CNIO, Manuel Valiente and Eva Ortega-Paíno, the biorepository contains living samples providing a unique tool for global research.

Valiente and Ortega-Paíno emphasize RENACER’s transformative potential for both research and clinical trials, particularly for addressing unmet clinical needs like brain metastasis. The living biobank enables the creation of avatars for individual patients, aiding in identifying personalized therapeutic options.

The logistics involved in maintaining live samples, taken from surgeries at specific temperatures, are challenging but crucial for RENACER’s success. The samples must reach CNIO’s Biobank in less than 24 hours for processing, culturing, analysis, and storage contributing valuable data to an open international scientific database.

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The network of around twenty hospitals collaborating on RENACER facilitates swift knowledge dissemination, supporting ongoing clinical trials. Valiente further emphasizes the strategy’s positive impact on knowledge improvement, diagnosis, and treatment options, highlighting the essential role of patients as donors during neurosurgeries for brain metastasis.

The Spanish Group of Patients with Cancer (GEPAC) is also participating with RENACER in this project. The rapid progress, including ongoing clinical trials, showcases RENACER’s potential to revolutionize brain metastasis research and treatment.

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