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iSpecimen Adds New Global Biospecimen Suppliers to Proprietary Marketplace Platform for Researchers to Leverage

The new global suppliers that are now available on the iSpecimen Marketplace include a cancer-focused biobank in the United States.   These samples provide rich data, including genetic, treatment, follow-up, and outcome information. Researchers will now have access...
Sample Management Specialists Win Queen's Award for Enterprise

Sample Management Specialists Win Queen’s Award for Enterprise

UK Small Business Minister Paul Scully said "This country is renowned for its entrepreneurial achievements and there is no greater showcase for it than The Queen's Awards. It is vital we celebrate the success of our businesses and recognise...
New Biobank Law in Sweden will Facilitate Research and Healthcare

New Biobank Law in Sweden will Facilitate Research and Healthcare

The Swedish government decides on a legal council referral where it is proposed that the current Biobanks Act from 2003 be replaced by new legislation. The new bill from the government promotes research and healthcare when unnecessary administration is...

Infinity BiologiX and Roylance Pharma Rebrand as “Sampled”

Infinity Biologix (IBX) and Roylance Pharma just announced the rebrand of both organisations as "Sampled".  Sampled is a next-generation laboratory that unlocks valuable data from any biological sample. By focusing on the genetic causes of common, complex diseases, Sampled aims...
Biobanking and colorectal cancer tissues

Biobanking Science: Biobanking Samples for Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer, affecting 1.8 million new patients and causing 862,000 deaths every year (1). Studies show that eating processed or red meat and drinking alcohol may increase the risk for colorectal cancer (2)....

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