Wilmot Cancer Institute Secures New York State Funding to Upgrade Biobank Laboratory

Empire State Development grants $339,850 for advanced cancer research infrastructure.

Wilmot Cancer Institute Secures NY State Funding to Upgrade Biobank Laboratory
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The Wilmot Cancer Institute will secure a $339,850 grant from Empire State Development (ESD) to enhance its Biobank Shared Resource. This funding, facilitated through the Finger Lakes Regional Economic Development Council (FLREDC), is a significant step towards upgrading the institute’s research infrastructure.

These enhancements are crucial for the institute to align with National Cancer Institute (NCI) goals and meet their stringent requirements. The Wilmot Cancer Institute, a part of the University of Rochester, is seeking NCI designation as a premier cancer center in the United States.

In addition to state funding, Wilmot and the University of Rochester are jointly investing $1.7 million to modernize the Biobank lab, focusing on advanced single-cell technology for processing biospecimens.

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The Biobank is pivotal for Wilmot scientists conducting research to develop new cancer treatments and enhance patient and survivor care. It provides a comprehensive catalogue of tissue and genetic material from consenting cancer patients, alongside consultation services for researchers.

New York State Assemblymember Harry Bronson and State Senator Samra Brouk have commended the grant, highlighting Wilmot’s role as a leader in oncology and its potential to become a top NCI-designated cancer center.

They emphasized the positive impact on regional healthcare and job creation. The leadership of John Ashton, PhD, MBA, Director of Wilmot Shared Resources, and Brad Mills, PhD, in charge of the Biobank, has been instrumental in steering these developments.

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