Whitepaper: How Do You Justify an Automated Biobank in Your Business Plan?


Within sample management, new automated technologies are regularly being implemented to improve the efficiency and productivity of workflows and increase the consistency and reproducibility of data. While automated processes are known to reduce manual error and provide cost savings for high throughput tasks, it is important to justify a new automated process both operationally and financially.

This whitepaper aims to help measure and evaluate costs relative to financial savings from a possible automated solution, and establish an investment analysis to give a clear idea of whether automation is indeed the right move.

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SPT Labtech is a global developer and manufacturer of world class robust solutions for automated sample storage. Our leading Biobanking technology offers a truly scalable ambient to -80℃ option for 2D barcoded tubes. Our instrument’s versatile design includes a unique pneumatic transport and access system that ensures unrivalled reliability and limitless expansion through seamless additional inter connectivity for a truly future proof solution.