VCU Liver Institute’s New Biorepository to Advance Global Research with Major Sample Donation

VCU Liver Institute's New Biorepository to Advance Global Research with Major Sample Donation
Freezers store the liver biosamples in VCU’s Molecular Medicine Research Building. (Photo credit: Tyler Trumbo, MCV Foundation)
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The Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Stravitz-Sanyal Institute for Liver Disease and Metabolic Health recently made a significant leap towards becoming a global research hub. This advancement was fueled by a generous donation from Michigan-based Cirius Therapeutics, which provided nearly 8,000 samples from 642 liver patients. The contribution is a key step in realizing the institute’s goal to establish a leading biorepository for liver disease research.

The institute, under Dr. Arun Sanyal’s leadership, is now better positioned to support international studies in liver disease. Dr. Sanyal, a prominent figure in liver disease research, expressed profound gratitude for the donation, recognizing its potential to elevate the institute’s research, especially in identifying liver disease biomarkers.

The samples, including plasma, sera, and tissue blocks, were primarily gathered from a clinical trial of MSDC-0602K, a proposed therapy for liver and metabolic diseases. They were meticulously organized by LabCorp from various national sites before reaching VCU, Richmond.

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This influx of samples marks a pivotal moment for the institute, with Jennifer Sayne, the biorepository’s new director, highlighting its transformation into a global research resource. The meticulous cataloging of these samples in a database marks a significant stride in liver disease research, showcasing the impactful synergy between academic institutions and the industry in advancing medical science.

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