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Biobanks can use slow freezing, rapid cooling or vitrification to cryopreserve and biobank mouse embryos.

Biobanking Science: Cryopreserving Mouse Embryos

The Jackson Laboratory (JAX) is one of the biggest suppliers of transgenic mice for biomedical research. JAX has a large biobank that cryopreserves and recovers thousands of different mouse strains. Biobanking mouse strains has many benefits for researchers. Biobanking...

Sigilon Therapeutics’ Lead Cell Therapy Product Granted ATMP Designation By EMA

Sigilon Therapeutics is an early stage (preclinical) biotechnology company developing an encapsulated cell therapy technology. Its Afibromer™ Living Therapeutic candidate SIG-003 has been granted an Advanced Therapy Medicinal Product (ATMP) designation by the Committee for Advanced Therapies of the...

BioDuro Acquires Molecular Response Cancer Biobank And Biorepository

BioDuro LLC is a global life sciences contract research and development organization (CRO). The company has acquired Molecular Response LLC and its extensive cancer biobank of >100,000 viable tumors, as well as its capacity as a biorepository. Molecular Response...

‘Human Emulation System’ as a Platform for Drug Discovery – Partnership with Roche

The ‘Human Emulation System’ is an organ-on-chip technology developed by Emulate, Inc. The chips are made from transparent polymers and are about the size of an AA battery, though they are flat. They contain microfluidic channels that can be...

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