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OpenSpecimen is a comprehensive web-based biobank informatics platform used to to track specimens from collection to utilization with 100% audit trail. It is today used in 65+ top clinical research centers across USA, Australia and rest of the globe. OpenSpecimen enables biobanks to collect “high quality” biospecimen annotations data across longitudinal studies or prospective collections of clinical specimens. It can be easily integrated with applications like EPIC, REDCap, OpenSpecimen, Cerner, LIMS, in-house clinical databases, etc.

Webinar: Managing Multi-site Specimen Collection Studies with OpenSpecimen by FIND (Geneva)

Date/Time: Thursday, March 26 | 11 AM EST Registration link: https://www.openspecimen.org/webinar-multi-site-specimen-collection-find-diagnostics/ Feel free to register even if you are busy at this time or in a different time zone, we will share a recording of the webinar. Agenda: OpenSpecimen Introduction (10 mins,...

How the University of California Davis Pathology Biorepository Achieved CAP Accreditation with OpenSpecimen

Sponsored content brought to you by Research in precision medicine requires a continuous supply of high-quality biospecimens. But as the saying goes - “Garbage in garbage out”, meaningful conclusions from the studies can only be drawn when the researchers are...

Why OpenSpecimen is “Open Source” and Why It Matters?

Sponsored content brought to you by Disclaimer Krishagni is the developer of OpenSpecimen - an open-source software for managing biospecimen data used in 65+ research centers across 16+ countries. While this article promotes “open source”, it does not necessarily promote OpenSpecimen....

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