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Ultra-Low Temperature Storage of Tissues and Blood Specimens

Ultra-Low Temperature Storage of Tissues and Blood Specimens

Every year, millions of biospecimens, including human tissues and blood, are preserved around the world for disease diagnosis and research. Biological samples can be maintained for extended periods of time for future use or to allow transportation to different...

Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches New Blood Bank Refrigerator Range

Healthcare professionals, and those working in clinical research, can now benefit from a new range of fully compliant and sustainable refrigerators designed specifically for the cold storage of blood and blood-related products and samples. The Thermo Scientific TSB Series of blood...

Why do Blood and Plasma Need Refrigeration?

Blood, plasma, and other blood components are utilised every day in clinical and research environments for a multitude of uses, from life-saving transfusions to important haematology tests. All samples used for these medical activities have in common that they...

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