Michael Woodward

Mike is a Business Development Manager for Biobanking software with Modul-Bio. Originally a qualified and practising forensic scientist, he then concentrated on the software design and provision of specialist systems for the last 17 years. He has provided consultancy and training in many laboratories around the world and is based in England, UK.

Maximize Sample Value Using MbioLIMS Biobanking®

Biobanking and the connection to Industry and research is growing. The way biobanks are used and the scale of their importance to future health...

Biobanking Software: What Are We Going to Do With Our Legacy Data?

One of the seemingly daunting tasks of moving your data from an older complex system, or collection of spreadsheets to a new LIMS is...

Biobanking Software: The Users

Purchasing or changing a system to manage all of your valuable samples is a big decision. In the considerations, discussions and demonstrations that lay...

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