Webinar: PopGen:Live with Genomics England

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Date: Wednesday, Nov. 4th – 3PM London, UK

We are pleased to announce our upcoming webinar PopGen Live, Population Genomics 2.0. This premier event features Genomics England’s CCO Parker Moss and Lifebit CEO Dr Maria Chatzou sharing insights and lessons learned from Genomics England and the UK Government’s next-gen Research Environment which signals a new federated model for the industry.

Biomedical data is growing exponentially and becoming more siloed than ever – the greatest challenge faced by biobanks. Previous solutions were woefully inadequate and fraught with usability, commercial and security challenges.

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This exclusive webinar shines a light on how Genomics England solved those challenges with a pioneering federated approach, giving flexible access to their growing, diverse data, enabling true collaboration across datasets and teams, and guaranteeing Fort Knox-grade data security.


  • Today’s PopGen Landscape: Challenges & Opportunities
  • An exclusive behind-the-scenes look at GEL’s groundbreaking Research Environment
  • Your blueprint for success to leap forward your PopGen initiative
  • A new age of collaboration across biobanks: what is possible now
  • Live Q&A

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