Verisense Health Launched to Provide Access to a Digital Biobank of Raw Patient Data

Verisense Health will provide pharmaceutical companies with access to a cost-effective digital health data collection platform, study management expertise, and a digital biobank of raw patient data.

Verisense Health
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Verisense® Health, Inc. just launched as a digital health software and data management company. It was established with the goal of providing sponsors with cost-efficient access to a digital biobank of longitudinal raw patient data. The new company is a spin-off from Dublin-based wearable technology services and sensor manufacturer Shimmer Research.

“Several factors prompted the launch of Verisense Health. Shimmer Research is involved in many markets but as a standalone firm Verisense Health can devote all its attention to digital health, become technology agnostic, and scale much faster by focusing solely on data collection and software development. Our customer support will also be more finely focused. Shimmer Research will continue to supply Verisense Health with wearable sensors on an ongoing basis. However, Verisense Health will also purchase sensors and other digital health technologies from third-party providers,” said Geoffrey Gill, CEO of Verisense Health.

Verisense Health will become the sole marketer of the modular Verisense wearable sensor platform, which Shimmer Research developed from the ground up for use in clinical trials and remote patient research. Going forward, the Verisense platform will be open to non-Shimmer Research hardware. Verisense Health will also assume ownership of the Verisense Digital Health Panel (DHP), which was launched in 2022 to provide clinical researchers with access to raw, real-world, digital health ground-truth sensor data.

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The Verisense DHP is recruiting both clinical study participants and healthy volunteers to its institutional review board (IRB) approved longitudinal study. Participants contribute their medical history, wearable sensor data, and monthly survey data to the Verisense DHP. These data can be combined with patient reported outcomes and real-world data, including tokenized medical records, claims data, and pharmacy records, to provide a complete longitudinal view of participant health.

“Our Verisense Digital Health Panel infrastructure makes us an extremely cost-efficient collector of digital health data for existing clinical trials, turnkey studies, and companion studies. By aggregating all that raw data in one place, we are building a digital biobank that will enable researchers to conduct future scientific studies without needing to collect new data. Our customers will benefit from gaining access to a low-cost, low-burden digital health data collection service, best-in-class digital health technologies, and a growing database of raw digital health data with associated outcomes – both patient reported and real-world data. Customers will pay only for the data delivered and not for the hardware, software, and specific services,” Mr. Gill added.

Verisense Health’s initial focus will be on brain health, including Alzheimer’s disease, bipolar disorder, and Parkinson’s disease, but its approach is applicable to almost any indication.

Most Shimmer Research staff members in Boston, Malaysia and Dublin who focus on clinical research will join Verisense Health. Shimmer Research will also provide initial funding, marketing, administration, and quality control support for Verisense Health. However, the new company expects to be operating completely independently within three to six months. Financial information about this transaction was not disclosed.