SOL Group

Established in Italy in 1927, SOL Group is present in 29 countries with over 4,000 employees and serves over 50,000 industrial customers, 500 major medical customers and 400,000 patients. SOL Group is active in the production, applied research and sale of technical, pure and medical gases and home care service, in biotechnology and the productionof renewable energy.

In the healthcare sector, SOL Group provides medical gases, devices, equipments and services to public and private hospitals.The cryobiology division is responsible for the turnkey design of biobanks, the cryopreservation and transportation of biological samples for transplant, clinical and research purposes. In the home care sector, SOL Group provides comprehensive services to patients who receive medical care and assistance at home: home oxygen therapy, ventilation therapy, treatment of sleep apnoea, artificial nutrition services, integrated home care services and telemedicine.The biotechnology sector deals with the research and development of biopharmaceuticals, genomics, and diagnostics.

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