Kairos is an IT specialist with more than ten years of experience in the development of software systems for the healthcare sector. With 43 employees across offices in Germany and the United States, Kairos develops and customizes their software solution, CentraXX, for a variety of clients across the biomedical landscape. CentraXX is unique in this field by gathering complimentary data from different sectors of medical research and offering an interoperable platform for diverse sets of users with defined access. By design, CentraXX provides integrated pseudonymization mechanisms and the option to integrate external data trustees to adhere to strict data protection rules. CentraXX interfaces with the most current data formats (HL7, FHIR, CDISC, XML, etc.) making it capable of transferring data to and from a range of systems, devices, and resources (HIS, LIMS/LIS, sample robotics, legacy data, etc.).

A fundamental pillar of CentraXX is the Biobanking Module, where all relevant biospecimen data (from needle to freezer) is captured according to GCP requirements. The Biobanking Module documents the entire chain of custody and records all data modifications to an audit database. The integrated Workflow Engine allows building individualized biobanking SOPs into system-driven sequences, streamlining documentation and raising data quality.

Kairos’ vision, however, extends beyond biobanking. CentraXX raises the value of biospecimens by contextualizing sample data alongside complementary datasets. The CentraXX CTMS module, for example, collects structured data from clinical trials to add valuable information for biospecimens (i.e., pre- and post-therapeutic data). Additional CentraXX tools include the Raw Data Archive, CentraXX Patient App, and Meta Data Repository. In synergy, these provide a holistic environment for data usage in clinical research.

Kairos is a market leader of data integration solutions for Biobanking and Clinical Trial Management with installations at multiple research consortia, biotech companies, and 30 of Germany’s 35 university hospitals.

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