Fluidigm creates and manufactures innovative technologies and life-science
tools designed to revolutionize biology through ongoing pursuit of
scientific truth. Improving life. It’s what drives us each day. At
Fluidigm, we empower our customers to reveal meaningful insights in health
and disease, identify actionable markers to inform life decisions and
accelerate the development of more effective therapies.

We focus on the most pressing needs in translational and clinical research,
including cancer, immunology and immunotherapy. Harnessing proprietary
CyTOF® and microfluidics capabilities, we provide an unprecedented view
into health and disease through our unique combination of innovative mass
cytometry, tissue imaging and genomics solutions.

Researchers depend on our systems to uncover important disease pathways,
find valuable new molecular biomarkers and deeply profile important cell
populations down to single cell resolution. As a trusted partner of leading
academic, government, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and plant and animal
research laboratories worldwide, we strive to increase the quality of life
for all.

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