Biomed Systems

Biomed Systems Ltd. is a UK based IT company specialized for development of innovative software solutions for biomedical research in industry and academia.

Our software solutions can be customised and encompass management of:


  • Intuitive interface finds reagents fast, shows location and quantity.
  • Biobanking LIMS stores details of correct usage, speeding the progress of your research.

Virtual Storage

  • Create virtual copies of freezers. Check the box content, track location and quantity.
  • See at a glance where free space is located.
  • Expiry warning avoids waste.
  • Simplify freezer cleaning when you track material by user.


  • Comply with data protection regulations in patient sample management. Biobanking LIMS can use barcodes, making sample labelling, search and access simple.
  • Track samples by patient. With information stored on location and number of stored vials, planning your experiments is a breeze.

Lab Diary

  • Keep records of your experiment results. Biobanking LIMS provides a structured way of describing experiments – AND you can add an unlimited number of analyses, making tracking and analysing related results easy.
  • You can also track used reagents, so you can monitor and compare molecular and cellular tool performance.

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