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300K Solutions

300K Solutions
Edificio M3 – Parque Científico USAL Calle adaja 10, Villamayor 37185 (Salamanca), Spain

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300K Solutions is a biotech company committed to providing complete solutions for the stabilization of biospecimens at room temperature. 300K Solutions is a new player that strives to change the paradigm of stabilizing and storing biological samples. Our biospecimen stabilization technology ensures the preservation of good quality samples (DNA, plasma, serum, peripheral blood, cells, etc) allowing an easy-to-achieve and secure process. We developed an integral solution that comprises the revolutionary S3 (Sample Stabilization System), self-designed vials coated with specially formulated excipients for different sample types, standardized SBS racks and storage boxes. In addition, 300K offers QMS and Regulatory services to biotech companies and laboratories.

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