UIC’s Brain Bank Receives $5 Million NIH Grant for Citywide Research on Epilepsy and Brain Cancer

NIH Funding Expands UIC Brain Bank into City-Wide Collaboration for Neurological Research
Dr. Jeffrey Loeb, The John S. Garvin Chair in Neurology and Head of Neurology and Rehabilitation (Photo credit: University of Illinois Chicago)
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The University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) is leading a pioneering project to establish a virtual brain bank, collaborating with four other prominent Chicago academic medical centers. Funded by a $5 million USD grant from the National Institutes of Health, this initiative focuses on advancing clinical care and research in brain tumors, epilepsy and neurological disorders. Northwestern University, Lurie Children’s Hospital, Rush University, and the University of Chicago are key partners.

Central to this effort is the INTUITION platform, developed at UIC, which integrates various data types like tissue samples, clinical records, genetic information, and 3D imaging. This platform aids clinicians in treatment decisions and helps researchers understand brain disorders more deeply. Dr. Jeffrey Loeb, Professor and Head Department of Neurology and Rehabilitation at UIC, highlights the platform’s role in transforming extensive data into new therapeutics and biomarkers.

The expansion of INTUITION to other centers promises to enhance research capabilities significantly, allowing for larger-scale studies across a diverse patient population. The project will standardize tissue collection and data processing procedures, ensuring data consistency. It will also introduce federated data sharing to maintain patient privacy.

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This ambitious project is expected to revolutionize our understanding of neurological disorders and pave the way for new treatment methods, with the potential to impact epilepsy surgery programs globally.

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