Twist To Enable The Development Of DNA As A Digital Storage Medium Through Imagene Agreement

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Twist Bioscience Corporation, a company enabling customers to succeed through its offering of high-quality synthetic DNA using its silicon platform, has entered into an agreement with Imagene SA, where Imagene will provide Twist with an encapsulation service to store DNA through its DNAshell® technology to store digital data encoded in DNA for thousands of years.

Founded in 2013, based in San Francisco, Twist Bioscience is a leading and rapidly growing synthetic biology company that has developed a disruptive DNA synthesis platform to industrialize the engineering of biology. The core of the platform is a proprietary technology that pioneers a new method of manufacturing synthetic DNA by “writing” DNA on a silicon chip.

Twist is leveraging its unique technology to manufacture a broad range of synthetic DNA-based products, including synthetic genes, tools for next-generation sequencing (NGS) preparation, and antibody libraries for drug discovery and development. Twist is also pursuing longer-term opportunities in digital data storage in DNA and biologics drug discovery. Twist makes products for use across many industries including healthcare, industrial chemicals, agriculture and academic research.

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Imagene S.A. was founded in 1998 and is based in the Greater Bordeaux Area, France. The company was born of a simple but challenging idea: to store DNA until the very long term at room temperature, without any energy consumption. Imagene has taken up this challenge with a multidisciplinary team of molecular biologists, geneticists and chemists from the University of Bordeaux II and the CNRS (Institute of Chemistry of Condensed Matter / CNRS).

DNAshell® technology enables the confinement of desiccated DNA molecules under an anoxic and anhydrous inert atmosphere inside airtight, laser-engraved, stainless steel minicapsules. In the absence of the alteration factors water, oxygen, and light, natural or synthetic DNA can be stored at room temperature for a nearly limitless period of time.

DNAshell® is a robust, standalone storage platform enabling the safe and stable storage and distribution of material with zero ongoing energy costs. The high DNA storage capacity of these capsules allows the storage of enormous amounts of data in a small volume. Imagene’s DNAshell® technology has been successfully extended to the preservation of RNA, blood, and microorganisms for applications in biobanking and molecular diagnostics. Imagene is both a service provider and instrumentation supplier.

“This agreement with Imagene provides the next step in the continuum on DNA digital data storage and fits within our strategy to cover all aspects of the process efficiently to enable the development of DNA as a digital storage medium.” … “We believe the DNAshell® technology allows us to encapsulate the DNA-stored digital data securely, protecting it for eternity from any elements including radiation, and eliminating the need for continued copying of digital data due to degradation experienced in other forms of storage today.” – Emily Leproust, Ph.D., CEO of Twist Bioscience

“Twist Bioscience, through its silicon platform, has demonstrated the ability to store large amounts of data on DNA, providing a high density, long-term solution to digital data storage, and we are excited to see them grow this product offering.” … “We are happy to be partnering with Twist and providing them with our disruptive DNAshell® technology to safely store DNA with digital data encoded.” – Sophie Tuffet, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of Imagene