Triple ISBER Honors For Brooks Life Sciences

Award wreath. Source: Clker-Free-Vector-Images, no changes made, CC0 Creative Commons.
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Brooks Life Sciences is a division of Brooks Automation that has a most comprehensive portfolio of sample management solutions for the life sciences industry, enabling accelerated innovations by researchers worldwide to improve patient health. On offer are automated storage solutions, cryopreservation, informatics, sample storage, lab services, transport, consumables, and instruments. The entire cold chain is supported including research, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), preclinical and clinical trials, cell therapy and biologics. The top 20 biopharmaceutical companies and others rely on Brooks Life Sciences.

The companies IntelliXmark is an innovation that prints directly onto sample tubes including text, linear barcodes, 2D barcodes, and graphics. The mark is resistant to alcohol, water, liquid nitrogen, and mechanical abrasion. In recognition of its utility it was awarded Outstanding New Product Award at the recent ISBER annual meeting which was hosted in Dallas Texas.

The ISBER Special Service Award is given to those that have made exceptional contributions towards the goals of the society. Dr. Andy Brooks, Chief Scientific Officer for Brooks Life Sciences was awarded this for a long-term commitment with accompanying promotion of the applied side of biobanking.

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David Lewandowski of Brooks Life Sciences will assume the role of president of ISBER with the accompanying responsibilities.

“The IntelliXmark allows clean, simple, durable labelling directly onto plastic sample tubes. So, all that supplementary information such as patient IDs and lot numbers can be printed directly onto the tubes,” … “It creates consistently legible text and barcodes at high resolutions for ease and convenience in the lab.” – Mike Thurogood, Brooks Life Sciences Product Marketing Manager.

“For many years, my work – both scientifically and on the service side – has been to develop quality assurance and quality control technologies to ensure high quality biological specimens that help link all the activities we do with sample collection and sample storage to the analytics, discovery, and clinical activities for use of those samples,” … “So, this award is particularly special, because it’s a recognition of the contribution that my team and I have made for the different kinds of science and technologies we integrate into our service offerings and into our scientific programs.” – Dr. Andy Brooks, Chief Scientific Officer for Brooks Life Sciences.

“I’m very humbled to have been elected ISBER president for 2018-2019. I look forward to working with the many volunteers who have made this society what it is,” … “In this next year,” he continued, “I think we’re going to be really focused on highlighting all those breakthroughs in biobanking and successes everyone has experienced. And we’ll be sharing those stories next year as we celebrate ISBER’s 20th anniversary in Shanghai, China.” – David Lewandowski.