Low Cost T-Cell Receptor Repertoire Analysis By FR3AK-Seq

The T-cell receptor (TCR) is an essential component of the adaptive immune response elicited by vaccines, infectious agents and cancer. As such it is the source of a new class of immunotherapies in the drug development pipeline....

Predicting Phenotype Of Gene Variation Towards Improved Understanding Of Human Health

Many rare diseases are causally related to rare genetic variants and a plethora of research surrounds the genetic basis and treatment of these, however less is known about the effect rare variants could have on subclinical conditions...

First Healthy Aging Data Release From 2570 Participants In The Medical Genome Reference Bank

The Medical Genome Reference Bank (MGRB) is planned to contain the whole genome sequences (WGS) of over 4000 elderly individuals with no reported history of cancer, cardiovascular disease, or neurodegenerative diseases until at least age 70.

Sample Processing Has Important Consequences For Single Cell Sequencing Studies

Single-cell transcriptomics is a relatively new technology that reads and reports the gene expression profile of individual cells by simultaneously measuring the mRNA concentration of all the cell’s genes. This is achieved through microfluidic chip single cell isolation, barcoding, cDNA...

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