Biobanking Knowledge and Practical Skills Delivered Through E-learning-based Master’s Program

Article contributed by Gabriele Hartl, Christine Mitchell, Tanja Macheiner, Brigitte Jaksa, Berthold Huppertz and Karine Sargsyan, at Medical University of Graz. Background With the development of modern biobanks, the need for multidisciplinary and qualified personnel has increased. Working in such an environment...
Biobanking can cause significant freezing and thawing stress to cells.

Biobanking Science: New Non-Toxic Cryoprotectant Solutions

Cell therapy is a rapidly growing field that uses live cells to treat patients. This presents unique biobanking challenges because, unlike traditional pharmaceutical products, cells must be alive and functional to be effective therapeutics. Unless cell therapy cells are...
HIV-1 stable in biobanked plasma samples.

Biobanking Science: HIV RNA Stable at -80°C in Biobanks

Biobanks facilitate research by collecting, storing and sharing samples. One of the major concerns that biobanks face is how to best maintain sample quality over long time periods. The AIDS Clinical Trial Group (ACTG) is one of biggest groups...

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