Reactions Video: Can You Cryogenically Freeze Your Body And Come Back To Life?

When you die, many things can be done with your body -- embalming, cremation, donation to science and so on. But some people will choose to have their dead bodies, or parts thereof, frozen until technology has advanced enough to bring them...
HIV-1 stable in biobanked plasma samples.

Biobanking Science: HIV RNA Stable at -80°C in Biobanks

Biobanks facilitate research by collecting, storing and sharing samples. One of the major concerns that biobanks face is how to best maintain sample quality over long time periods. The AIDS Clinical Trial Group (ACTG) is one of biggest groups...

Ovotoxicity Screening Using Banked Encapsulated In Vitro Follicle Growth

The basic functional unit of female reproduction, the ovarian follicle, is derived from a pool established before birth and is non-regenerable. Environmental contaminants containing endocrine disrupting chemicals such as pesticides, metals, some additives or contaminants in food, and personal care products can...

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