The U-Blood Platform Ecosystem By Haier Biomedical

Source: Haier Biomedical
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Haier was founded on December 26, 1984, headquartered in China. Under the guidance of the Rendanheyi management philosophy and business philosophy of Zhang Ruimin, Haier has developed into an ecological enterprise led by the Internet of Things. In 2017, the Haier Group achieved a global turnover of 241.9 billion yuan (approx. 35 billion USD), and the global total pre-tax profits exceeded 30 billion (approx. 4 billion USD) for the first time. Haier Group boasts 10 R&D centers, 24 industrial parks, 108 manufacturing plants and 66 marketing centers across the world.

Haier Biomedical’s U-Blood solution has improved the efficiency of blood banks by placing the blood bank to where it is needed most – right next to the patient’s bed, which pushes the efficiency to a new level. The new model innovatively moves smart blood refrigerators to the operating room, hospital ward and the ambulance, achieving the end-to-end monitoring and traceability of all blood information, by making use of RFID technology.

Blood is instantly accessible, cutting the valuable and life-saving time needed to deliver the blood to the patient. In addition, the blood which is not used during the course of the surgery can be restored to the blood bank via the U-Blood monitoring equipment, which ensures true communication of blood information and increases the hospital’s surgery capacity.

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Efforts are being made to provide the precise amount of blood needed for each transfusion by developing a customized and personalized program. With the application of big data and artificial intelligence (AI), the patient’s consumption of blood will be comprehensively evaluated. What may have previously required four units of blood can be reduced to a precise need of two, as a result of a profile generated via AI, avoiding the overuse and waste of blood and accelerating the patient’s recovery.

In the future, this ecosystem can be extended to the 5U biotechnology platform – a Haier Biomedical platform bringing together the blood, biobank, vaccine, reagent and stem cell solutions, which can efficiently accelerate the development of the global healthcare sector.