The ISBER Annual Meeting And Exhibits Are Underway In Shanghai

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The International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories’ (ISBER) Annual Meeting and Exhibits are underway in Shanghai, China (May 7 – 10, 2019). In ISBER’s 20th Anniversary year, the meeting is “Honoring Our Past, Celebrating the Present, and Envisioning our Future” as set out by the Scientific Program Advisory Committee.

Founded in 1999, headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, ISBER is the only global forum that addresses harmonization of scientific, technical, legal, and ethical issues relevant to repositories of biological and environmental specimens.

The mission of ISBER as a global organization is to create opportunities for sharing ideas and innovations in biobanking and harmonizes approaches to evolving challenges for biological and environmental repositories.

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ISBER fosters collaboration, creates education and training opportunities, provides an international showcase for state-of-the-art policies, processes, and research findings, and innovative technologies, products, and services. Together, these activities promote best practices that cut across the broad range of repositories that ISBER serves.

Highlighting this ethos, the ISBER Shanghai meeting was facilitated by the substantial co-operation of two affiliate organisations in China: the Biobank Branch, China Medicinal Biotechnology Association (BBCMBA) and China National GeneBank (CNGB). Two sessions are co-organised with the Society for Cryobiology and the Australasian Biospecimen Network Association (ABNA).

The stated vision of ISBER is to be the leading global biobanking forum for promoting harmonized high-quality standards, education, ethical principles, and innovation in the science and management of biorepositories.

To this end the Scientific Program Committee endeavoured to ensure the annual meeting delivers interesting, innovative and educational content relevant to all ISBER members. Bringing together the diverse global biobanking communities in discussion and introducing new participants to ISBER will advance not only the society and the field of biobanking and biospecimen research, but also global research capabilities.

The premier event in the field of repository and specimen management features:

  • Plenary sessions
  • Educational workshops
  • Networking events
  • Corporate workshops
  • Contributed paper sessions
  • Poster sessions
  • Working group discussions
  • Sponsor exhibits
  • Awards & more