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Streamlining Biospecimen Sample Management (Azenta Life Sciences / Ziath)

Streamlining Biospecimen Sample Management (Azenta/Ziath)

Azenta Life Sciences latest exciting products for biospecimen sample management will be on show at ISBER 2023 in Granada, Spain (24th-25th October). On display will be products that enable seamless end-to-end biospecimen sample collection, organisation, processing, and storage leading to better...
Dual-Cap Sample Collection Tube for Genetic Testing Workflows (Ziath / Azenta Life Sciences)

Dual-Cap Sample Collection Tube for Genetic Testing Workflows (Ziath/Azenta)

Azenta Life Sciences has launched Cap2TM - a new 0.2ml PCR microcentrifuge tube featuring a novel dual-cap design with both hinged lid and screw cap to preserve the integrity of samples used in genetic testing workflows. Acting as both a collection and processing...
Fast and Simple Retrieval whole Tissue Samples (Ziath)

Fast and Simple Retrieval Whole Tissue Samples (Ziath)

The Mohawk 48 tube selector and picker from Ziath is designed to select and pick wide, heavy, or tall tubes making this new system perfect for retrieving individual whole tissue samples from storage. The Mohawk 48 uses forty-eight solenoid pins...
High performance Mirage 2D barcode reader and Individual Access PCR plate

A Powerful Solution for PCR Sample Management in Molecular Diagnostics

The Mirage 2D barcode reader from Ziath has been optimized for reading Individual Access 2D coded PCR plates from 4titude, both part of Azenta Life Sciences, Burlington, MA. The Individual Access PCR plate is part of the acclaimed Framestar range...
High quality CryzoTraq™ 2D barcoded cryogenic storage tubes

Durable 2D Barcoded Tubes for Low Temperature Sample Storage (Ziath)

High quality European manufactured CryzoTraq™ tubes from Ziath are designed for cryogenic storage of your valuable samples and specimens at temperatures as low as minus 196°C. Available in 2 ml and 5 ml formats, CryzoTraq™ tubes have a 2D Datamatrix...
Productive, Error-Free 2D Tube Rack Reading (Ziath)

Productive, Error-Free 2D Tube Rack Reading (Ziath)

Ziath, an Azenta Life Sciences company, reports that the high-speed of reading and error-free decoding offered by their DataPaq™ Mirage 2D tube rack reader, around 1 second for a full 96 position rack, has made it the instrument of...
RFID Tagging Technology Streamlines Cryogenic Sample Management (Ziath)

RFID Tagging Technology Streamlines Cryogenic Sample Management (Ziath)

Traditionally identifying the identity of frost covered racks of 2D barcoded tubes taken from low temperature storage has been a time-consuming and error prone process. Drawing upon proprietary Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tagging technology – the Ri-Track Mirage can...
Versatile Single Tube Reader (Ziath)

Versatile Single Tube Reader (Ziath)

The Uno from Ziath is a compact single tube reader incorporating a high-resolution camera with super-fast electronics capable of reading 2D barcodes from any currently available tube on the market including 384-well tubes. This powerful device is packed with exciting features...
Sample management ‘on the move’ using DP5 Mobile

Sample Management on the Move (Ziath)

Ziath has launched a new version of their popular DP5 Network application that enables tube barcode readers and scanners to be remote controlled from your smart phone or tablet via a Wi-Fi connection. Powered by the very latest software tools...
Wi-Fi Enabled Handheld Tube Reader (Ziath)

Wi-Fi Enabled Handheld Tube Reader by Ziath

Ziath has launched its next generation DataPaq™ Handheld 2 tube reader - designed to be held and operated in one hand, leaving the other free for tube handling. Designed for easy portability, the new DataPaq™ Handheld 2 is a dedicated...

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