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Sampled Leader Highlights Role of Biobanking in Addressing Historic Inequities in Healthcare

The Chief Scientific Officer at Sampled1 issued a call to action for greater diversity in clinical trial recruitment and the collection of biosamples in a letter in the current issue of Biopreservation and Biobanking. The letter by Sheldon et al,...

Sampled Appoints Sarah Hersey, VP, Head of Translational Sciences & Diagnostics at Bristol Myers...

Infinity BiologiX LLC d/b/a Sampled SMART Labs, announced today the appointment of Sarah Hersey, a 25-year life sciences veteran, to its Board of Directors as its first Independent Director. Sarah brings a wealth of experience in precision medicine and biopharmaceutical...

Sampled Expand Global Footprint with New Lab in UK

3000sqft Sampled SMART Lab expansion based in UK New capabilities for European clients focussed on biosample research and analysis Capabilities include genomics, epigenomics, PBMC isolation, bioprocessing, DNA/RNA extraction and sample storage Infinity BiologiX LLC d/b/a Sampled SMART Labs, open...

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