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eBook introduction to Effective Sample Management

eBook: Tips, Tricks and Solutions to Effective Sample Management

Ziath has published the latest version of its popular guide entitled 'Tips, tricks and solutions for effective sample management' in an easy-to-use eBook format. Written by highly experienced sample management professionals - the 2022 version of the guide book addresses key...
Cold Chain Best Laboratory Practices for Biobanking

Cold Chain Best Laboratory Practices for Biobanking

I always understood that a biobank is not an investigation laboratory practice but rather an investigative support service. For this reason, process control is a requirement for any installations where biological samples are collected, processed, stored, and distributed. To have...

How Safe Are Your Samples?

Plastic storage tubes are used in laboratories worldwide to store biological and chemical samples, the most typical resin used is Polypropylene. There are many types and grades of polypropylene that are selected either on cost, molding properties or specific...

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