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A New Biobanking Site is inaugurated by Air Liquide Healthcare's four Biobanks Federate Under the Name BioKryo in Germany

Air Liquide Healthcare Brings Together it’s Four Biobanks Under the Name BioKryo in Germany

With a storage capacity of more than 20 million biological samples (tissues, cells ad DNA), the BioKryo network operates in three European countries, with four dedicated sites. Each site offers a complete range of cryogenic services, including storage temperatures from...
Ziath Sample Management Innovation at Analytica 2022

Ziath Sample Management Innovation at Analytica 2022

Designed for easy portability, the new Ziath Handheld 3 is a compact and powerful device for reading single 2D bar-coded tubes and editing or updating the sample information, adding extra details, or changing locations in a connected LIMS or...

ISBER 2021 Outstanding New Product Award Given to Bluechiip’s BoxTracker™

The International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER) – the leading network in the global biobanking and biorepository community – has announced  that Australian company Bluechiip’s BoxTracker™ has won the 2021 Outstanding New Product Award. The Bluechiip BoxTracker™ won...

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