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Sample management ‘on the move’ using DP5 Mobile

Sample Management on the Move (Ziath)

Ziath has launched a new version of their popular DP5 Network application that enables tube barcode readers and scanners to be remote controlled from your smart phone or tablet via a Wi-Fi connection. Powered by the very latest software tools...
Mohawk 48 for retrieving individual whole tissue samples from storage

Fast and Simple Picking of Whole Tissue Samples from Storage

Ziath announce the launch of the Mohawk 48 tube selector and picker. Designed to select and pick wide, heavy, or tall tubes - this new system is perfect for retrieving individual whole tissue samples from storage. The Mohawk 48 uses...
Ziath Announce the Launch of a New Dual Capability Coded Tube Reader

New Dual Capability Coded Tube Reader by Ziath

Ziath announce the launch of a new dual capability coded tube reader – the Duo. This affordably priced addition to the Ziath range combines the proven 2D-barcode reading technology of the Uno single tube reader with the fast accurate linear...
Time-saving automation for smaller biobanks.jpg

Time-Saving Automation for Small Biobanks

Small biobanks and biorepositories need to select tubes from cold racks straight from the freezer but cannot afford the huge investment in robotics to fully automatically pick and place tubes from racks. The Mohawk, being small and compact, can...
Ziath DataPaq™ Express

Compact Rack Scanner for Easy Liquid Handling Robot Integration

Compatible with all 2D barcoded tube racks in SBS format, the Ziath DataPaq™ Express is the smallest footprint rack scanner currently available. With a footprint of only slightly more than one plate / rack position, the DataPaq™ Express offers a...

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