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Best Practice In Validating New Automated Sample Storage Systems At UZ KU Leuven Biobank

Biobanking is the cornerstone of the Precision Medicine Initiative guided by the director of the US National Institutes of Health, Francis S. Collins. Historically the process of getting samples from patients/ volunteers to storage (biobanking) has been the least standardized of all...
Biobanks can comply with regulatory requirements by following ISBER Best Practices.

Biobanking Science: ISBER Best Practices for Biobanks

Biobanks face the challenge of storing and handling many different types of biological samples. Unlike chemicals, biological samples are living. Therefore, it is much more difficult for biobanks to retain the normal structure and function of biological samples throughout...

Cold Chain Logistics Provider Cryoport, Inc. – Strategic Collaboration with McKesson Specialty Health

Cryoport is a global provider of temperature-controlled logistics solutions for temperature-sensitive life sciences commodities, serving the biopharmaceutical market with leading-edge logistics solutions for biologic materials, such as regenerative medicine, including immunotherapies, stem cells and CAR-T cells. Cryoport’s clients include...

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