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Autoscribe Informatics Announces 3Q22 LIMS Starter Systems Release

Autoscribe Informatics Announces 3Q22 LIMS Starter Systems Release

Autoscribe Informatics, the global leader in configurable Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), today announced the 3Q22 release of its updated starter systems. As well as ensuring that the starter systems run on the latest Autoscribe Matrix software, improvements have...
LifeCell and Cellutions BioStorage form Alliance to Launch Cryopreservation Bank

Cellutions BioStorage: A Research-to-Launch Cryopreservation Bank Created by LifeCell in India

Bridging the growing supply-chain gap in the preservation and maintenance of biospecimens by leveraging advanced technologies, Cellutions BioStorage, a research-to-launch Cryopreservation Bank was inaugurated on the 15th of July, 2022. The brainchild of India’s leading health-preneur, Mayur Abhaya -...
New Project with $5.1 Million Funding Announcement has Considerable Impact on Bison Genome Biobank’s Development at USask

World’s First Bison Genome Biobank’s Development Boosted by $5.1 Million Funding from Genome Canada

The BIG project will apply new genomics solutions to better protect and conserve the wood bison population in Canada. It’s directly connected with the massive $17-million-dollar research initiative called “Integrated omics for sustainable animal agriculture and environmental stewardship” (IntegrOmes)...

Sampled Appoints Sarah Hersey, VP, Head of Translational Sciences & Diagnostics at Bristol Myers...

Infinity BiologiX LLC d/b/a Sampled SMART Labs, announced today the appointment of Sarah Hersey, a 25-year life sciences veteran, to its Board of Directors as its first Independent Director. Sarah brings a wealth of experience in precision medicine and biopharmaceutical...

HemaCare’s Extensive And Recallable Donor Database Is One Of The Largest In The Industry

HemaCare Corporation has announced that it was a provider of leukapheresis process development material for all of the FDA-approved immunocellular therapies, Kymriah® (Novartis; Switzerland), Yescarta® (Kite, a Gilead Company; CA, USA), and Provenge® (Dendreon; WA, USA). Founded in 1978, headquartered...

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