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MedGenome Selects Applied Biosystems™ Axiom™ Platform For South Asian Research Genotyping

MedGenome, a global leader in personalized medicine, has developed a proprietary genotyping array to efficiently enable large-scale genetic studies focused on South Asian populations. The South Asian Research Genotyping Array by MedGenome ("SARGAM") will be optimized for capturing the unique variants found in...

FinnGen Study Uses Thermo Fisher Scientific Custom Microarrays For Biobank Genotyping

Thermo Fisher Scientific Custom Microarrays and the Microarray Research Services program in Santa Clara, California, USA, are being utilized by the FinnGen longitudinal precision medicine study of a Finnish population. Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., headquartered in the Greater Boston Area,...

US Biolab Corporation Biobank

US Biolab Corporation, Inc has a global biobank with access to a diverse range of human biospecimens in various disease states to meet research needs. US Biolab biobank contains more than 500,000 human tissue (FFPE and fresh frozen), tissue...

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