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Convenient RFID Tagging Technology for Cryogenic Labware (Azenta)

Convenient RFID Tagging Technology for Cryogenic Labware (Azenta)

Azenta Life Sciences announce the Ziath RITrack "CTag Pack" - a handy way of buying RFID tags to fit and track existing labware used in cryogenic storage facilities. The patent pending RITrack technology allows the identity and location of up...

Select Micronic Labware Carries The Accountability, Consistency, And Transparency (ACT) Label

Micronic has joined an elite group of manufacturers committed to product transparency and sustainable procurement. Two of Micronic’s most popular 2D Data-Matrix Coded Screw-Cap Tubes for Sample Storage, the 1.40 mL and the 4.00 mL, have received an accountability, consistency, and transparency (ACT)...

Just Inc Automates Their Plant Analysis Workflow Using Micronic Labware

The food technology company Just, Inc has chosen Micronic labware for sample handling and storage. Just, Inc, which was founded in 2011, is a food technology company with a mission to build a food system where everyone has access to...

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