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Iron Loading Reduced Insulin Secretion By Pancreatic Beta-Cell Lines

Longitudinal analyses of iron-overloaded individuals have indicated that patients in the highest quartile of serum ferritin levels, a proxy for iron, have 3.5-fold greater risk of developing Type II Diabetes over a 6-year period. The exact mechanism is unclear...

Lack Of African Biobank Data Results In Iron Deficiency Anaemia Remaining Unexplained

Iron is a dietary requirement, women aged 19-50 needing the most, routinely around 18mg/day, moreover all adults need at least 8mg/day. Pregnant women need even more. Dietary sources include, but are not limited to, meats, nuts, grains and broccoli....

Genetically Predicted Iron Status Correlated With Risk Of Liver Cancer

Iron overload is a known risk factor for liver disease including liver cancer. The potential for iron overload to be a risk factor in other cancers was poorly understood. Susanna C. Larsson of the Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden, and colleagues...

Perspectum Diagnostics Is Detecting Iron Overload With MRI

New research has indicated that 4.8% of the UK population have elevated liver iron. The University of Westminster and Perspectum Diagnostics study used MRI to non-invasively assess levels of liver iron. The University of Westminster is a public university in...

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