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Artificial Intelligence Unlocks ‘Treasure Trove’ of Cancer Genomes from Billions of Preserved Tissue Samples

New AI Method Makes it Possible to Analyse Cancer Genomes from FFPE Tissue Samples

Scientists have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) method that could unlock a research ‘treasure trove’ of cancer genomes from billions of preserved tissue samples stored routinely at hospitals over decades. The new method makes it possible for the first time...

Multiple Cis Mutations Of PIK3CA Frequent In Cancer And Associated With Treatment Response

A new paper in Science magazine reports that double mutations of PIK3CA on the same allele (cis) are more common than previously thought with 12-15% of breast cancers and other tumor types harboring these cis mutations. Sequencing in cis...

Pressure BioSciences’ PCT Platform Utilized In High-Throughput Tissue Proteomics

Pressure BioSciences, Inc. (“PBI”) is a leader in the development and sale of innovative, broadly enabling, pressure-based instruments and related consumables for the worldwide life sciences and other industries. The Company has announced the publication two scientific journal articles,...

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