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Accelerating Development of Revolutionary Biological Dyes

Accelerating Development of Revolutionary Biological Dyes

Rapid 2D barcode rack readers and automated tube picking equipment from Ziath are helping Colorifix (Norwich, UK) to accelerate development of revolutionary biological dyes to help the textile industry dramatically reduce its environmental impact. Dyeing of fabrics by the textile industry represents one of Man's most polluting industrial processes, using...

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef Living Coral Biobank

As coral reefs worldwide decline due to climate change, severe storm events and coral disease, Australian non-profit organisation GBR Legacy, with partners Corals of the World and Cairns Marine, will safeguard the biodiversity of all known hard coral species by creating the...

NEON Biorepository Helped Reveal The Role Of Deep Soil In Carbon Storage

Soil samples from 47 NEON field sites in addition to a global soil data set from North America, Indonesia, Europe, Central America and South America have been used in a new study published in Nature Climate Change, authored by...

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