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RFID Tagging Technology Streamlines Cryogenic Sample Management (Ziath)

RFID Tagging Technology Streamlines Cryogenic Sample Management (Ziath)

Traditionally identifying the identity of frost covered racks of 2D barcoded tubes taken from low temperature storage has been a time-consuming and error prone process. Drawing upon proprietary Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tagging technology – the Ri-Track Mirage can...
LifeCell and Cellutions BioStorage form Alliance to Launch Cryopreservation Bank

Cellutions BioStorage: A Research-to-Launch Cryopreservation Bank Created by LifeCell in India

Bridging the growing supply-chain gap in the preservation and maintenance of biospecimens by leveraging advanced technologies, Cellutions BioStorage, a research-to-launch Cryopreservation Bank was inaugurated on the 15th of July, 2022. The brainchild of India’s leading health-preneur, Mayur Abhaya -...
CryzoTraq™ tubes for high integrity cryogenic storage

Cryogenic Storage of Biological Specimens

Ziath, a leading supplier of equipment, software and consumables to simplify your sample management process, offers a range of CryzoTraq™ tubes designed for high integrity cryogenic storage of biological specimens at temperatures down to -196°C. CryzoTraq™ 2D barcoded tubes are manufactured in a...

The Solution to Labeling Frozen Vials – CryoSTUCK®

The Challenge of Labeling Frozen Vials Bio-pharma research labs, cell banks, biorepositories, and other laboratories involved in the biopreservation and biobanking of samples face the difficult challenge of labeling already frozen vials for storage in liquid nitrogen and ultra-low temperature...

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