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New Way of Modeling Approach helps Advance Cryopreservation with Applications to Organ and Tissue Preservation

New Way of Modeling Approach helps Advance Organ and Tissue Cryopreservation

Prem Solanki and Yoed Rabin of Carnegie Mellon University’s Biothermal Technology Laboratory have developed a new way of modeling the solidification of fluids in confined volumes, with applications to organ and tissue preservation. Cryogenics is the study, production, and use of...
Human Organ Safe Storage a Step Closer with Cryopreservation Discovery

Human Organ Safe Storage a Step Closer with New Cryopreservation Discovery

The team’s discovery of new cryoprotective agents opens the door to many more being developed that could one day help to eliminate the need for organ transplant waiting lists. Their results are published in the Journal of Materials Chemistry B. Cryopreservation is...

Cryoport Acquires MVE Biological Solutions from Chart Industries for $320 million

Cryoport will become a leading global provider of cryogenic life sciences solutions Acquisitions of MVE, along with CRYOPDP is expected to increase Cryoport's revenue run rate to over $160 million and to be immediately accretive Blackstone to invest...

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