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Automated Biobanking: Advantages, Benefits and Future Directions

Automated Biobanking: Advantages, Benefits and Future Directions

A biobanking system has become a crucial tool for improving healthcare outcomes through basic and clinical research. The revolution in biobanks, biorepositories, and biospecimen science is driven by a variety of technological advances including artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics,...
Accelerating Development of Revolutionary Biological Dyes

Accelerating Development of Revolutionary Biological Dyes

Rapid 2D barcode rack readers and automated tube picking equipment from Ziath are helping Colorifix (Norwich, UK) to accelerate development of revolutionary biological dyes to help the textile industry dramatically reduce its environmental impact. Dyeing of fabrics by the textile industry represents one of Man's most polluting industrial processes, using...
University of the Western Cape (UWC) Biobank Continues to Grow after it earns Spot as One of Seven National Biobanks

South Africa’s UWC IMBM Biobank Hosts One of the World’s Richest Microbial Collections

South Africa ranks as the third most biodiverse country in the world. The rich biodiversity is a highly sought-after resource for the development of novel biobased products and processes, and is considered one of the country’s competitive advantages. Research and...
LifeCell and Cellutions BioStorage form Alliance to Launch Cryopreservation Bank

Cellutions BioStorage: A Research-to-Launch Cryopreservation Bank Created by LifeCell in India

Bridging the growing supply-chain gap in the preservation and maintenance of biospecimens by leveraging advanced technologies, Cellutions BioStorage, a research-to-launch Cryopreservation Bank was inaugurated on the 15th of July, 2022. The brainchild of India’s leading health-preneur, Mayur Abhaya -...
UK Biocentre Granted ISO 15189:2012 Accreditation for Sample Processing and Storage Services

UK Biocentre Granted ISO 15189:2012 Accreditation for Sample Processing and Storage Services

UK Biocentre has been granted ISO 15189:2012 Accreditation by UKAS for sample processing and storage services. This landmark accreditation further extends UK Biocentre’s capabilities, increasing the scope of services it can provide to support clinical trials and studies, including...
Would Biobanking be Efficacious to Revolutionize the Medical World?

Would Biobanking be Efficacious to Revolutionize the Medical World?

We live in a world that is being transformed by the scientific revolution. Traditionally, biobank was a term used to describe a biorepository for biological tissues. Today, biobanks are used in a much broader context and are used to...
Monash launches flagship biological storage facility: Biobanking Victoria

Biobanking Victoria: Australia’s First Industry-Focused Flagship Biobank Launched by Monash University

Monash University has officially launched Australia’s first industry-focused storage facility for biological material to support medical research and commercialisation opportunities. Biobanking Victoria is a state-of-the-art facility that provides a valuable link between researchers and industry, generously supported by the Victorian...
NATA’s biobanking accreditation

NATA’s Biobanking Accreditation Set to Expand the Emerging Australian Biobanking Industry

The National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) believes Australia’s fledgling biobanking industry is set for rapid expansion after it granted accreditation to the country’s first facility for the internationally recognised biobanking standard ISO 20387. Biobanking Victoria, part of Monash University,...

FDA Grants RMAT Designation To Cellerant’s “Off-The-Shelf” Romyelocel-L Cell Therapy

Cellerant Therapeutics Inc., is a clinical-stage company developing innovative cell and antibody-based immunotherapies for hematologic malignancies and other blood-related disorders. Cellerant’s romyelocel-L (human myeloid progenitor cells) “off-the-shelf” cell therapy does not require HLA matching and is designed to prevent...

The Shanghai Zhangjiang Biobank

The Zhangjiang Biobank is located on Li Bing Road in "Zhangjiang Science City", Pudong district, Shanghai, China. It is reported that the biobank is projected to reach a storage capacity of 10 million human derived samples such as human...

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