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Accelerating Development of Revolutionary Biological Dyes

Accelerating Development of Revolutionary Biological Dyes

Rapid 2D barcode rack readers and automated tube picking equipment from Ziath are helping Colorifix (Norwich, UK) to accelerate development of revolutionary biological dyes to help the textile industry dramatically reduce its environmental impact. Dyeing of fabrics by the textile industry represents one of Man's most polluting industrial processes, using...
Biobank Väst in Sweden Become the First Nordic Biobank within BBMRI-ERIC Network to Achieve Quality Label (Photo Credit: Biobank Väst)

Biobank Väst Becomes the First Nordic Biobank within BBMRI-ERIC Network to Achieve ISO Quality...

“As the first biobank in Sweden and the Nordics, we have taken a step closer to accreditation towards the international standard ISO 20387:2018. Quality Label is proof that we meet the requirements of the standard and thus obey the...
Sample lifecycle in a human biobank

Utilizing Modular Biobanking Software in Different Types of Biobanking Activities

Abstract Biobanking defines all activities linked to bioresource management—whether of human, animal, microbial, or environmental origin—which means that any biobank information management system should take into account the multistep life cycle of the samples: from acquisition, through preparation, storage, to...

iSpecimen Launches Marketplace Onsite Program to Optimize Biospecimen Procurement Process for Sample Providers

iSpecimen Inc. (Nasdaq: ISPC) (“iSpecimen” or the “Company”), an online global marketplace that connects scientists in need of biospecimens for medical research with a network of healthcare specimen providers, launched its new Marketplace Onsite program to offer additional support...

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