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Sample lifecycle in a human biobank

Utilizing Modular Biobanking Software in Different Types of Biobanking Activities

Abstract Biobanking defines all activities linked to bioresource management—whether of human, animal, microbial, or environmental origin—which means that any biobank information management system should take into account the multistep life cycle of the samples: from acquisition, through preparation, storage, to...
New LIMS Web Application Released by Autoscribe Informatics in Matrix Gemini v6.5

New LIMS Web Application Released by Autoscribe Informatics in Matrix Gemini v6.5

Autoscribe Informatics, the global leader in configurable Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), today announced the release of Matrix Gemini version 6.5. In a major upgrade to the underlying technology Autoscribe has introduced a new web browser application for Matrix...

Recent Bioinformatic Developments With Impact For Biobanks

Altos and WASAI Offer Accelerated Genome Sequencing Solution Altos Computing, a subsidiary of Acer, is collaborating with WASAI Technology, which focuses on big data. They are together launching a human genome sequencing program that uses Altos BrainSphere AI computing platform combined with WASAI’s proprietary...

Interpace Diagnostics Group Recognized As A Top Bioinformatics Provider; Built Upon A Biobank

Interpace Diagnostics Group, Inc. has announced that CIO Applications, a publication focused on providing professionals with information on the most comprehensive collection of technology trends, has once again recognized Interpace Diagnostics as a top bioinformatics solutions company. Interpace, founded in 1988, headquartered...

Terveystalo Biobank Implements MediSapiens’ Bio-IT Solutions

MediSapiens has partnered with Terveystalo to support their biobank operations with scalable, interactive and secure genomic and clinical data solutions. MediSapiens Ltd. is a Bio-IT and bioinformatics company specialized in pharmaceutical research and translational genomics, providing life science and biomedical...

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