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iSpecimen Adds New Global Biospecimen Suppliers to Proprietary Marketplace Platform for Researchers to Leverage

The new global suppliers that are now available on the iSpecimen Marketplace include a cancer-focused biobank in the United States.   These samples provide rich data, including genetic, treatment, follow-up, and outcome information. Researchers will now have access...
How Biobanks Weathered the Covid-19 Storm

How Biobanks Weathered the Covid-19 Storm

Just as many industries across the globe were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, biobanks worldwide were also feeling the strain. The facilities had to deal with operational changes, disruption to their supply chains, loss of staff members to illness, issues...

Ten Biobanks in Western Australia Boosted with $1.2 Million Government Funding

Ten biobanks affiliated with The University of Western Australia have received more than $1.2 million in funding through the State Government’s Biobank Interim Support Program 2021. The biobanks, large collections of human biological materials for use in health and medical...

Defining biobanks: To be or not to be…… what was the question?

“Is a biobank a facility or research project?” This was a question asked in an international biobanking community forum back in April 2021. Answers were equivocal with many respondents taking an each way bet saying ‘both’. But this is...

Knowledge, Perceptions and Attitude of Egyptian Physicians Towards Biobanking Issues

The complete mapping of the human genome has greatly expanded the ability to better understand the genetic basis of human disease, thus ushering in new era of personalized medicine1. Thus there is a need for the establishment of biobanks...

What can Biobanks Learn From the Current Pandemic?

More than a year ago, something happened that most of us could hardly imagine. A virus took the whole world more or less firmly in its grip. Pandemic, previously a word that very few of us knew, has now...

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