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How Do People In Nashville React To The Biobank Consent Process?

Gathering informed consent from participants is a pillar of biobanking. As ambitious biobanking projects such as All of US and UK biobank proliferate and become ever larger, the benefits and the potential risks for participants also grow. It is...

Finding The Right Balance – Return of Results to Biobank Participants

In the course of research based on a biobank population occasionally a condition may be revealed in a particular individual, which was not known before the study, and for which the study was not explicitly designed. This is known...

Biobanking Consent: Informing Human Subjects of the Possibilities

As researchers, we are familiar with why we have the need for biobanking regulations due to the story of Henrietta Lacks. HeLa cells survived in vitro more than 60 years ago and are still contributing to medical science advancements.1...

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