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Coloured 96-Well Skirted PCR Plates (Azenta)

Coloured 96-Well Skirted PCR Plates (Azenta)

Azenta Life Sciences popular FrameStar® 96-well Skirted PCR plate is now available in a wide range of colours (purple, blue, clear, green, red, black, and white) to enable easy visual identification in multi-user labs. Whether you work in a busy...
High performance Mirage 2D barcode reader and Individual Access PCR plate

A Powerful Solution for PCR Sample Management in Molecular Diagnostics

The Mirage 2D barcode reader from Ziath has been optimized for reading Individual Access 2D coded PCR plates from 4titude, both part of Azenta Life Sciences, Burlington, MA. The Individual Access PCR plate is part of the acclaimed Framestar range...
Fast and accurate DNA sample selection

Fast and Accurate DNA Sample Selection

Ziath reports how a leading Dutch genome diagnostics lab is using their Mohawk semi-automated tube picker to retrieve DNA samples accurately and rapidly from their extensive biobank. The Genome Diagnostics Laboratory (AGDx) is centred at the VU Medical Centre in...
Life Science Sample Tracking and Management

Life Science Sample Tracking and Management

Ziath has published a new catalogue that provides an informative technical introduction to its extensive range of innovative readers, scanners, software, automated tube selectors and accessories for tracking and management of life science samples. Over the last two decades, Ziath...
Time-saving automation for smaller biobanks.jpg

Time-Saving Automation for Small Biobanks

Small biobanks and biorepositories need to select tubes from cold racks straight from the freezer but cannot afford the huge investment in robotics to fully automatically pick and place tubes from racks. The Mohawk, being small and compact, can...
Cherry-Picking and Reformatting Tubes From Acoustix Racks

Cherry-Picking and Reformatting Tubes From Acoustix Racks

A new adaptor kit enables the Ziath Mohawk tube selector to quickly and easily pick and reformat tubes from Azenta Life Sciences Acoustix racks used by the latest generation of Labcyte® Echo® acoustic liquid dispensers. Acoustix is a small sample tube with a screw cap which has been...
Porvair Sciences 96-well polypropylene microplates

Deep Well Plates for High Integrity Biobanking Specimen Storage

Developed for automated applications - Porvair Sciences 96-well polypropylene microplates provide the perfect vessel for Biobanks and Biorepositories looking to store and maintain the integrity of their valuable specimens over prolonged periods of time. Biobanking is the process by which...

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