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Cell Biobanks Are Critical For Organoids, Organ-On-Chips, And Additive Manufacturing

While the original 2D cell culture methods remain indispensable for routine laboratory operations and biochemical analyses it has become increasingly clear that they do not accurately represent organ systems in the body. To fully understand a system or device...

University of Akron 3D Tumor Model Lab Receives $1.13 Million From National Cancer Institute

Dr. Hossein Tavana, an associate professor of biomedical engineering at The University of Akron (UA), has received a grant of $1.13 million from the prestigious National Cancer Institute (NCI) to further develop 3D tumor models of triple-negative breast cancer, which may improve...

TreeFrog Therapeutics Raises $7.8M To Develop C-Stem™ 3D Stem Cell Culture In Multiple Indications

TreeFrog Therapeutics, an expert stem cell company, has raised €7.1M (USD $7.8M) in a Series A funding round. The proceeds will be used to transition the company’s C-Stem™ technology to cGMP standards by 2021 and to develop proprietary and collaborative cell therapy...

BioDuro Acquires Molecular Response Cancer Biobank And Biorepository

BioDuro LLC is a global life sciences contract research and development organization (CRO). The company has acquired Molecular Response LLC and its extensive cancer biobank of >100,000 viable tumors, as well as its capacity as a biorepository. Molecular Response...

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